The Oak Brook Chapter of TU advocates for the conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater watersheds. An advocate is someone who pleads in support of something.

Our success is dependent on the active participation in these efforts by TU members and conservation partners.  Oak Brook TU will advocate for Midwest coldwater fisheries by providing information on timely topics of importance to its members and providing specific information on the appropriate person to contact, how to effectively make contact, general background information on effective advocacy, and specific information on current issues that need your attention.

The most effective means of advocacy often comes from individual citizens communicating with their representatives. Very often, just a few phone calls have a tremendous impact, and sway a decision one way or the other.

Oak Brook TU issues “Advocacy Alerts” to its members via email on timely matters impacting conservation issues.  If you are not an Oak Brook TU member, but would like to receive our Advocacy Alerts, please sign up for our on-line newsletters using the form at the bottom of each web page.

For the latest information on the health of the Great Lakes, visit the Alliance for the Great Lakes web site and join their email list to receive action alerts on Great Lakes issues.