The OBTU Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs are comprised of a group of leaders with diverse professional experience and backgrounds.   

Please contact any officer or member of our Board of Directors regarding your interest in joining our leadership team or volunteering to assist with a committee.  Our monthly Board meetings which are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and open to all members.  Typically we meet at the Downers Grove Library and Zoom access to the meetings is also available.

See our  OBTU Strategic Plan 2016 and let us know where you’d like to contribute your time.

Dave Carlson

Vice President
Dan LaFave

Carol Hennessy

Jack Potts

Conservation Committee Chair,                               Board Member
Kevin Graham

Education Committee Chair,                                  Emeritus Board Member,                                                           Past President,                                                                   Marvin Strauch

Endowment Board Chair,                                         Emeritus Board Member,                                                    Past President,                                                                              Ed Michael

Financial Development Committee Chair,         Member
Jim Dickens

Illinois Council Youth Camp,                                       OBTU Vice President
Dan LaFave

Emeritus Board Member,                                                   Past President,                                                                        Greg Prosen

Board Member (Multiple committees)                              Art Cottrell

Board Member (Multiple committees)                     John Martyn

Leadership Development Committee Chair,      Carol Hennessy

Membership Committee Chair,                                 Board Member
Ken Krueger

Communications & Techology Chair,                            Ex-officio President                                                                     Willie Beshire

Programs and Meetings Committee Chair,         Board Member                                                                       Steve Shapiro

Diversity Committee Chair,                                              Member                                                                           Lisa Gilmore

Youth Education Fly Fishing Training Director, Board Member                                                                         Mike Lesiak

Emeritus Board Member                                                      Joe Vitti

Emeritus Board Member,                                                    Past President                                                                        Wally Bock 


Read the OBTU Chapter Bylaws April 2015 to learn more about the chapter’s mission, organization, nomination and election of offices and directors, and other information.