New Program                                      coming to OBtu in 2022

Stream Girls is a cooperative program between the Girl Scouts and Trout Unlimited.     The Link below provides a 3 minute video summarizing the the Stream Girls Program.

Stream Girls Video

OBTU has been collaborating with the girl scouts and have developed plans for starting up a local Stream Girls program.    A site with a local stream has been selected.    We hope some of our adult female members will want to help mentor this program.   

OBTU CHapter MeetinG          Wednesday, January 19

7:00pm  (Via Remote Zoom videoconference)  

Join us for OBTU’s annual meeting featuring:

-Dustan Harley talk on “Pro It Up Fly Fishing”.   Dustan promises to deliver content he has developed over the past 5 years that will help you improve.  Dustan owns the Ripple Guide Service:

-Annual elections of OBTU Board Members and Officers

Dustan Harley to Speak

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Upcoming OBTU Events

-OBTU Jan 19 Chapter Meeting.  Dustin Harley of Ripple Guide Service is featured speaker.    

-OBTU Feb 16 Chapter Meeting:    Jeff Hastings, TUDARE Project Manager, to speak on the evolving changes to stream restoration efforts in the Driftless Area.

-OBTU Mar 16 Chapter Meeting:    Speaker to be determined.

-OBTU April 20 Chapter Meeting:    Speaker to be determined.

-OBTU May 18 Chapter Meeting:    Speaker to be determined.

See Calendar For All Event Details

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