The Librarian’s Corner

By Phil Young

Stepping into the Stream (Klufilms / 2010) 49m / DVD
This is a great video in which women fly fishers tell their stories about their introduction to fly fishing and what fly fishing means to them.  They explore their connection with the fish in the fish’s world, how the flow of a river is related to life, and women guides reveal what they have learned from their women clients.  There is a short history of influential women in fly fishing.  Stepping into the Stream is an excellent video for women fly fishers and for men who would like to see fly fishing from a different point of view.

The Compleat Clouser Minnow (Real Sources Productions / 2010) 90m / DVD
What could be better than Bob Clouser teaching you how to tie one of the most versatile flies in your fly box that can be used to catch almost every fresh and saltwater fish available.  Bob ties and fishes the basic clouser minnow, and then discusses the role of hooks, threads, eyes, synthetics, and rattles in tying variations of the fly.  Everyone can learn something new from this video.

These DVDs, as well as others in the chapter’s library, are available for check out at chapter meetings.  If you are holding any of the chapter’s other videos, please return them when you are finished so that others may view them.