The Librarian’s Corner

By Phil Young

Raising the Ghost (Flyboys Production / 2008) 1hr 07m / DVD

Close your eyes and imagine that you are on the steelhead trip of a lifetime.  A helicopter drops you, your friends, your camping gear and an inflatable raft on a remote stretch of the Skeena River deep in British Columbia.  You break out the single-handed fly rods and the spey rods and find that huge steelhead are taking whatever you throw at them, even green drake dry flies on a dead drift.

This is Raising the Ghost.  You won’t find any information regarding rod size, grain weights or fly selection here, but you will find an enjoyable and entertaining film.  There is also a conservation message about how steelhead populations are 2% of their historic numbers due to over harvesting, poor timber practices, mining at the headwaters, dam building/hydropower and the introduction of different genetic strains of hatchery fish.  We must all do what we can to preserve wild steelhead populations.

This DVD, as well as others in the chapter’s library, are available for check out at chapter meetings.  If you are holding any of the chapter’s other videos, please return them when you are finished so that others may view them.