Oak Brook TU’s Endowment Fund

The Oak Brook Chapter of Trout Unlimited Conservation and Conservation Education Endowment Fund was created in 1992 as a distinct, independent entity governed by its own Board of Trustees as a repository for a permanently restricted endowment principle and unrestricted endowment earnings. In 1999, the Endowment Fund and Oak Brook Trout Unlimited (OBTU) Boards agreed to changes to the OBTU by-laws bringing the Fund and its separate Board under the Chapter’s organizational umbrella. In accord with those by-laws provisions, the renamed Oak Brook Chapter of Trout Unlimited Conservation Endowment Fund has continued to serve as a repository for its permanently restricted endowment principal and the unrestricted earnings it has produced.

The OBTU Board of Directors selects Endowment Trustees from members and friends of the OBTU Chapter on the basis of their long-term familiarity with the Chapter’s financial needs and aspirations and on the basis of their financial management and fund-raising skills. The Trustees manage the Fund in accord with policies adopted and filed in 2013. At its discretion, the Fund’s Board of Trustees may disburse from the Fund only its earnings on principal in response to requests from the OBTU Board of Directors to pay for specific conservation stream restoration and conservation education projects.

Earnings from gifts to the Endowment Fund principal will enhance the Chapter’s future contributions to the conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

“Donations from family foundations and trusts represent opportunities to help grow our Endowment Fund,” said Fred Hodge, Endowment Committee Chair. “Members interested in making a donation to our Endowment Fund can contact me for more information.  Donations are tax deductible.”

Fred Hodge’s contact information:
Email:  fnh435@aol.com
Phone: 630-267-9643