Oak Brook TU Chapter Elects New Officers and Directors

The January 16, 2019 Oak Brook TU membership meeting featured the chapter’s annual election of Officers and Directors nominated by the Leadership Development and Nominating Committee.

The current Board of Directors elected the following officers to serve a term of one year in the offices as indicated below:
President:  Willie Beshire
Vice President:  Dave Carlson
Secretary:  Carol Hennessy
Treasurer: Jack Potts

Willie Beshire, formerly Vice President, has been elected as the chapter’s new President.  Dave Carlson, the chapter’s current Conservation Committee Chair, has been elected Vice President.  Dave will continue to serve as the Conservation Committee Chair.  Carol Hennessy and Jack Potts will continue to serve in their current roles as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

Meeting attendees formerly elected as returning Board Directors for a three-year term Jim Schmiedeskamp and John Snyder.  Jim will continue to serve as the chapter’s Communications Chair responsible for membership communications, publicity and our website.  John Snyder, who has served as the Fundraising Committee Chair the past two years, will join the Conservation Committee.

Dan LaFave was elected as a Director to complete the remaining two years of an open Director position.  Dan is currently the Illinois TU Youth Camp Director and member of the Membership Committee.

To learn more about Board positions and other volunteer opportunities, please contact Lisa Gilmore, Leadership Development and Nominating Committee Chair or the appropriate Officer or Director listed in the 2019 OBTU Board Contacts List