Oak Brook TU Chapter 2018 Financial Report

The highlights of the Oak Brook TU Chapter’s 2018 Finance Report follow:

$31,036 was raised in the chapter’s 2018 fiscal year (October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018) through the following sources per the Revenue chart below:
—  Spring Solicitation, Annual Rod Raffle, Holiday Party Fundraiser and Meeting Raffles.
—  Contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.
—  Investment and interest income.

$23,057 in expenses were incurred across the following consolidated categories per the chart below.
—  $15,701 for conservation, youth education and membership programs.
—  $5,326 for fundraising costs including printing, mailing and prize expenses.
—  $2,303 for general administrative expenses which includes accounting software, email services, website support costs, and miscellaneous printing/mailing costs.

The Chapter ended the 2018 fiscal year with net income of $7,979.  See the detailed 2018 Financial Report_Newsletter.

The Oak Brook TU Endowment Fund ended the 2018 fiscal year with $35,642.  The objective of the Oak Brook TU Endowment Fund is to provide long-term funding of key chapter conservation initiatives through the fund’s investment earnings. The Endowment Fund principal is permanently restricted to generate earnings for future chapter conservation initiative.  The fund is invested with Vanguard.  For questions about the Oak Brook TU Endowment Fund, please contact Fred Hodge (630.267.9643).