Oak Brook Trout Unlimited Debuts on Instagram!

“Thanks to OBTU member Chris Pierson, our chapter is now on Instagram, the photo-sharing social media platform,” said Jim Schmiedeskamp, Communications and Publicity Committee Chair.

“Our chapter now has an Instagram account that will regularly feature photos from our chapter activities, sponsors, business partners and like-minded conservation organizations. This account will help us get the word out about what our local chapter is doing and will help create many wonderful networking opportunities not only for Oak Brook TU but for also our chapter members as well as many others who will follow us on Instagram. Chris will be a great asset to our chapter’s publicity and membership communications!”

To view photo postings, download or visit the Instagram website (www.instagram.com). Once you’ve logged in, search for “tuoakbrook” and click on our account. Here you’ll find photos from meetings and other members as well as photos from other Trout unlimited chapters and companies who support Trout Unlimited.  Or you go directly to our Oakbrook TU Instagram account here.  Click on any photo for more information.

If you would like to submit any photos of your own, please email your photos to Chris Pierson at tuoakbrook@gmail.com and he will work on posting them. Please be sure to include your name, rough location of where the photo was taken (who wants to give up their best fishing spots anyways?), and any details you’d like for us to include in the caption.

We look forward to sharing many memorable moments from our chapter!

Oak Brook TU is now on Instagram–the leading photo-sharing social media platform.
Oak Brook Trout Unlimited announcements will now be included on Instagram.