Michigan Fishing News

In 2013 the Michigan DNR lifted a ban on chumming in Michigan rivers and streams. Previously chumming had been banned due to concern that it may spread disease from river to river. The DNR decided the threat was no longer an issue, thus there was no need for the ban.

Chumming typically consists of throwing loose salmon or steelhead eggs in to the river to create an artificial feeding frenzy. Often it will move fish from their typical lies and attract them to the food source, i.e. the person throwing chum in the water. This is basically an unethical and extremely selfish practice.

Since 2013 the practice of chumming has escalated severely. The use of chum is now being used on trout during the hottest parts of the summer when they are most vulnerable. If we don’t stop this now when will it end?

Previously the issue has been discussed and the NRC (Natural Resource Commission) has held open meetings to discuss the topic. In the past few months the NRC has made it clear that they will reach a decision whether to ban practice or to drop the issue forever. The proposed ban will be on the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Manistee rivers.

This is a very serious issue. Especially for anyone who has fished for trout/salmon/ or steelhead in Michigan. The only way to convince the NRC to ban this unethical practice is to take action by sending letters and emails by any and all who care to:


Letters from out of state senders play an important role since they show that the chumming decision may affect the amount of tourism dollars that are coming into Michigan.