The Librarian’s Corner

by Phil Young

Strategies That Catch Trout (James Marsh / 2006) 1hr 20m / DVD

To some of us, identifying those bugs in the air and choosing the right fly for the end of your tippet is sometimes a difficult task. And what if there is no hatch? If you are a beginning fly fisher, this DVD is for you.

Strategies That Catch Trout  covers how to choose the right fly under varying conditions on different streams at various times of the fishing season.  It explains how to match the hatch, fishing when there is no hatch and when to use attractor flies.  The use and adjustment of hatch chart information is discussed, as well as how local weather conditions affect the timing and occurrence of hatches. Feeding locations along banks, riffles, runs, pocket water, eddies and seams are shown along with the presentations that enable you to get your fly in front of the fish.  This is a great DVD for the beginning fly fisher who is still trying to figure out what bug to use and where to cast it.

This DVD, as well as others in the chapter’s library, are available for check out at chapter meetings. If you are holding any of the chapter’s other videos, please return them when you are finished so that others may view them.