The Librarian’s Corner

By Phil Young

Two more excellent DVD’s from the Skagit Master series.  Now all four are in the OBTU Chapter library.

Skagit Master 2:  Steelheading Outside the Box (New Water Media / 2010) 1hr 50m / DVD

Just as it says on the back jacket of this DVD, “There are no indicators or dead drift nymphs in this film …”.  Using the two-handed rod, Scott Howell shows you how to catch steelhead on the surface with a variety of casts using his steelhead popper (the “ska-opper”).  Then he will show you how to fish intruders and the “prom dress”, demonstrating a number of casts and upstream/downstream mends to let the fly fall quickly to the depth you need before swinging it across the current to the fish.

Skagit Master 3:  Steelhead Flies Beyond the Books (New Water Media / 2012) 1hr 12m / DVD

Hannah Belford, Tom Larimer, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Hickman, Ed Hepp, Scott Howard, Ed Ward and Larry French tie the Grizzly Bear, Reverse Marabou, Orange Blossom, Fish Taco, Underachiever, Ska-opper and the Intruder.  Underwater photography shows the profile and action of these flies under various water and light conditions.  When you see the movement of these flies and their materials in a flow tank, you will understand why Muskegon River guide Kevin Feenstra uses so much flashabou.

These DVDs, as well as others in the chapter’s library, are available for check out at chapter meetings.  If you are holding any of the chapter’s other videos, please return them when you are finished so that others may view them.