Oak Brook TU Receives Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Award

The Wisconsin Trout Unlimited State Council presented the Oak Brook TU chapter with its “Reel Award” at its annual banquet on February 3.  The Reel Award was given to the OBTU chapter in recognition of its long-term commitment to the TU mission of conserving and restoring coldwater fisheries in the state of Wisconsin and the many volunteer hours and financial support provided to projects.

It is awarded to those who’ve played a significant partnership role in one or more TU projects, or in other areas such as education or advocacy.

The banquet’s program stated “Like other chapters that may not have a tremendous amount of coldwater resources close to home, this chapter long ago figured out how to coordinate carpooling, lodging and fishing opportunities to get their members to travel north into Wisconsin. When they get here, they work hard, then enjoy the wonderful trout fishing resources that they have helped restore.”

Linn Beck, Wisconsin TU Chair (second from the right), presents the Reel Award to Oak Brook TU members Ken Krueger, Stan Zarnowiecki and Dave Carlson (left to right).