Fundraising Campaign Raises $6,675 To Date

fundraiser_v3-01Through the end of July, Oak Brook TU chapter members had raised $6,675 toward its goal of $15,000 for our planned conservation and youth education programs.

The mission of Oak Brook Trout Unlimited is to conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries and their watersheds in the Midwest. Oak Brook Trout Unlimited fulfills its mission through advocacy and education efforts regarding the impact of pollution and soil erosion on water-based ecosystems, and by engaging volunteers in hands-on projects to improve and rehabilitate cold water river systems.

We must provide Chapter funding for these programs because there are no other outside sources of funding. National Trout Unlimited membership annual dues are not shared with our Chapter for funding our local conservation activities, youth programs and general operating expenses.

See the Weister Creek story in this issue’s newsletter to see the kind of stream restoration work your donations support. Oak Brook TU contributed $4,000 toward this project in 2016 and has committed $4,000 to its 2017 phase 3.

Thank you very much for your volunteer and financial support of these past activities!

Seek Friends and Families Support

As the next phase of our 2016 fund raising campaign, board members are encouraging Oak Brook TU members to share its mission with friends and families as a broader outreach effort. Share our newsletter and new website with friends and families to better understand our signature youth education programs like Trout in the Classroom and Summer Youth Camp and conservation initiatives like Weister Creek.

Visit the website’s “Donate” page to understand how you can help support our mission.